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From a very early age I remember having a need to paint, draw and make pictures.

Encouraged by family, and some inspiring teachers, my interest in picture making remained heightened throughout my school years leading me to attend The National Art School and Alexander Mackie College graduating with a qualification in Visual Arts Education.

For many years I shared my interest in picture making and composing images with students at a number of Secondary Schools throughout NSW before settling in the Illawarra.

The urge to do my own thing led me to a new career through the formation of my own Screen Printing business. For fifteen years Pelican Screenprints supplied many local schools, businesses, sporting organisations and the surf industry with a broad range of original product.

The original images created during this period were more graphic in nature, still affording me a much needed creative outlet and a full appreciation of the importance of using professionally generated images in the production process

My time in Real Estate Sales allowed me to witness the true advantage of using professional photography to create a point of difference in the promotion and marketing of property.

In a business environment where the highly visual medium of the Internet is more and more the initial point of contact between buyer and seller the use of professionally produced images to create a first impression and promote any type of product cannot be over emphasised.

Understanding the full power of professional photography in marketing, what had been an interest now very much defines who I am today in my working life.

My need to make pictures is stronger than ever, now empowered through Digital Photography.

Nick Epoff